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2018 Community Gift Guide

Every year we have the honor of meeting and working with hundreds of creatives across disciplines—from photography to video to food. We asked a dozen of the new faces we met this year to share their gift ideas for fellow creatives:

Cory Staudacher (@withhearts) | Seattle, WA

Regularly mentioned as an inspiration by other community members, Cory has been tapped by no less than Apple and Wired to showcase the future of creativity. Though he's carried ONA for some time—and his wife Bethany has been a friend-of-ONA since the early days—we finally connected with Cory this fall.

Moment wide lens for iPhone: Moment is a great addition to your iPhone photography setup. You can buy wide, tele, anamorphic, macro, and fisheye lenses. They are the best quality iPhone lens attachment on the market.

Common Projects Achilles Low: These Common Project shoes are my goto everyday shoe that you can dress up or wear with jeans.

The Nylon Bowery camera bag: The Bowery is a perfect small camera bag that fits my DSLR + lens. It can fit inside your backpack also.

Arielle Levy (@ariellelevyphoto) | Los Angeles, CA

Based in LA, Arielle is the photographer-of-choice for a number of today's new west-coast style icons.

A video light: Every photographer needs a video light or flash, something they wouldn't always think to buy themselves - but comes in handy in the best moments. Everybody wants good fill light.

Golden Goose Deluxe Brand high-tops: My client and great friend Lisa Allen got me these amazing well-crafted Italian-leather worn-in sneakers for my birthday, and now I have my eye on every pair, how good are these?

The Leather Clifton backpack: My hands-down favorite ONA product. I love that this bag matches my personal style and doesn't scream that I'm on a photoshoot so I can slide by and shoot with less attention on me. Although, don't say I didn't warn you that while out shooting you will be getting tons of compliments and questions of "where did you get your bag". It's astounding how many people are looking for this perfect black leather backpack!

Willis Bretz (@willisbretz) | Washington, DC

We first connected after Willis posted this shot of his ever-growing collection of smoke waxed canvas ONA goods—which he carries along for his medium format portraits of an appropriately mid-Atlantic mix of subjects, like elected representatives, duck hunters, and Civil War re-enactors.

Newer 43" 5-in-1 Collapsible Reflector & Scrim: It's such a simple but extremely versatile tool that can make all the difference in the world when shooting outdoors in harsh sunlight. Plus, it's great for using in the studio as well!

Canvas Backdrop from Gravity Backdrops: A well-crafted backdrop like these painted ones can take a photographer's portrait work to the next level.

The Camps Bay backpack in Smoke: This bag travels with me everywhere, and I keep my loaded Bowery bag (Smoke) in the top compartment like a modular system for when I need to work with a lighter kit while on the road.

Bethany Schrock (@bethcath) | Minneapolis, MN

Bethany is a visual artist, photographer, and art director who has been one of our team's biggest inspirations this year. 

KUVRD universal lens cap: I know I’m not the only one who has lost a lens cap or two. These silicon lens covers work for every lens in my bag, don’t bump off, and also absorb any knock to the lens. Game changer.

Le Labo Tonka 25 eau de parfum: It’s Le Labo. Need I say more? This magic in the bottle stays on you through a long, sweaty work day and isn’t your basic “vanilla cupcake glitter” fragrance.

The Clifton camera backpack in Antique Cognac: When I’m traveling for work, my right shoulder will be complaining the entire time. I like having a classy looking bag that can also carry some weight without my body complaining it.

Caleb Gaskins (@calebgaskins) | Portland, OR

A film camera: I’d probably give a film camera to another photographer (if they don’t have one already). Film has completely changed the way I photograph, how I see, how I understand light, and it has directly influenced my digital work. With film, I’ve learned to tune into and strengthen my instincts a little more, wait a little longer for the right shot, and ultimately be aware of what’s happening around me.

Blundstone boots: I’ve been eyein’ a pair for a little while. I’m always stomping around in wet or muddy conditions (especially now that winter is here) and my feet get so cold and wet!

The Leather Bowery camera bag: It's the perfect size for walking around the city while having my camera essentials ready to go.

Kade Speiser (@kade) | Los Angeles, CA

The popular YouTuber and filmmaker took his Camps Bay backpack from Florence to Tokyo this year, which he documented for his +1 million subscribers.

A Pelican Memory card case: As a photographer/videographer, organization is key. You don't want to have loose items floating around your camera bag so having a safe (waterproof) place to keep all of your memory cards can be super helpful!

Comfortable shoes: My personal recommend is Adidas Ultra Boost. As a creator you generally are on your feet and mobile for a large part of the day. Being uncomfortable can hinder the creative process and comfort starts at the feet.

The Camps Bay backpack in any style: You can never have too much space and the Camps Bay offers a ton of space and versatility, while still being a rather small backpack. Your camera gear collection generally grows so it's better to get a bigger bag. The Camps Bay also allows you to pack more than just camera gear with the added pouch on top which I love.

Beau & Matt of Probably This (@probablythis) | New Orleans, LA

This summer, we caught a glimpse of a Bowery bag on Beau and Matt's popular food-travel-design blog. Fast forward to November, when we connected serendipitously via the La Anna Guesthouse creative retreat, for which they are design leads (...and ONA will be making a limited edition bag).

iPhone SD card reader: We don't shoot with a bluetooth enabled camera, so this is a lifesaver for when we're traveling and uploading photos on the move, and for just about $30!

Gleaming Primrose Mirror: This mirror from Anthropologie is absolutely gorgeous, and we'd love to fill a wall up in our home with it to add some dimension and open up the space a bit!

The leather Bowery Bag in Antique Cognac: Our is with us at all times, because it's just big enough to fit our camera essentials without being bulky, and so gorgeous that it enhances any outfit.

Lily Allen (@lily.kimball) | New York, NY

Lily is part of the key team at Passion Passport who worked on our recently launched capsule collection. As with the rest of her team, she does a little of everything, very well; you can catch her in front of and behind the camera on our launch video.

Nauticam Underwater Housing for 1DX: I grew up by the water and will forever be fascinated by the ocean. Owning an underwater camera housing has been a dream of mine ever since I discovered work from photographers like Nolan Omura and Ben Ono. The room for experimentation and creativity within underwater photography is really exciting to me.

SoGoodSoWood - Personalized Leather Camera Strap: When I'm filming/shooting events, I often meet prospective clients. My personalized camera strap helps me stand out a little and it's even become a conversation starter. I have it in Gray Sand and "ALLEN" is stamped on one side. Even if you're not a photographer, this Etsy shop has other hand-crafted items I've had my eye on like personalized passport covers and wallets. You're bound to get compliments on these beautiful pieces.

ONA x Passion Passport Bowery bag in Forest: I like my gear to reflect my aesthetic and the pops of color from this collection feel bright and cheery. With the same convenient features as ONA's standard Bowery bag, this bag is durable and unique. Plus, doesn't owning anything limited edition feel cool?

Lalo GG (@itslalogg) | Mexico

The recently-married, always-on-the-go photographer and creator put his Big Sur backpack through the paces this year—and sent us jaw-dropping monthly updates like this

Manfrotto Be Free tripod: There's nothing like having a safe-light weight tripod for traveling around the world and getting the best long exposure shots or for creating amazing timelapses for my videos.

Levi's Sherpa Trucker Jacket: It will always keep you warm no matter what. so wear it confidently and enjoy its comfort.

The Big Sur backpack: There will never be a better gift that getting this backpack. It's comfortable, it's safe, it's classy. Every time I travel people get in shocked when they see all what fits in there.

Rodney Brown (@rdnybrwn) | Northern California

We met Rodney this summer when we were putting together our wedding photography profile series—he'll be the first photographer we profile when we continue the series next spring.

Ilford HP5 Plus Single Use Camera: It might seem crazy, but this year I’ve been all about these disposable black and white Ilford cameras for fun on my shoots and for personal memories. They are so fun and actually take amazing photos.

"The Original" watch by The Horse: I’m a huge watch guy and my favorite watch recently broke in a unfortunate washing machine accident, so I plan on replacing it with this bad boy by The Horse in Australia. I die.

The Clifton camera backpack in Antique Cognac: Real talk, I been wanting this bag so long it’s starting to hurt. Need to cop yesterday.

Jane Ko (@atasteofkoko) | Austin, TX

We bonded with Jane over our shared love of Austin's breakfast tacos—where she lives and serves as a resident food authority via her well-read blog.

Sony 24-70mm f/2.8 zoom lens: I had this lens when I shot with the Canon Mark III and it took me a year after shooting with the Sony A7Rii to invest in the Sony 24-70mm and this lens is just SO good.

An air-fryer: This is random but the air fryers intrigue me and I might just get one to try it out this season!

The Leather Bowery camera bag: This bag is so beautiful and everyone compliments me on it. I don't know how I ever shot without a camera bag!

Andrew Glatt (@andrewglatt) | Chicago, IL

Andrew and fellow Chicago photographer Sean Muckle are the unofficial spokesmen for our Presidio camera strap. They also document their hometown with an appropriate touch of richness, warmth, and charm.

The Leather Presidio camera strap: I've had this strap for a year and a half now - it's perfect, never comes off my camera and I can't tell you how many times I've been asked about it.

Ebbets Field NY Authentic Jacket: It's classic, beautiful, and goes with almost anything. Also pairs really well with the ONA bag and strap!

The Clifton camera backpack in Antique Cognac: Talking camera backpack goals here - The Clifton (Antique Cognac specifically) is something I've had my eye on since getting into photography.

Hannah Williams (@hannahmareewilliams) | New York, NY

Hannah was our intern this fall and did everything from style photoshoots to answer customer emails. She's a proud Kiwi and will tell you all about it.

GoPro Hero 7: Because I love the outdoors and take this with me on any adventure.

The Magnum Contact Sheets: The stories and process behind timeless shots. Something that should be added to any book collection.

The Hudson backpack: I’m in love with the color palette and the attention to detail. I use it for everything - It’s for sure the best-designed and made bag I have ever owned.

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