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8 Inspiring Female Photographers by Dame Traveler
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8 Inspiring Female Photographers by Dame Traveler

Featured image by Sara Melotti

We recently met Nastasia Wong, founder and creator of Dame Traveler, and she shared her journey of creating a platform that aims to empower women "to travel more, do more, and be more." Below, in honor of International Women's Day, Nastasia tells us about eight photographers and travelers who inspire her: 

Sara Melotti

Sara was born in Milan and moved to NYC to chase her dreams of becoming a fashion photographer, but it wasn’t long until she began to question her decision. The world of fashion made her question her own beauty ultimately leading her to take a leap of faith and travel the world. Sara's goal is to capture the beauty of women in their natural element through her portraits and passion project, Quest for Beauty.

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Jaz O'Hara 

Jaz spent 8 years living a nomadic lifestyle - she has traveled to Sri Lanka, Beijing and beyond. Jaz documented her time during each adventure. In 2015, she wrote a very emotional piece on her experience in Calais Jungle in France - the post went viral and sparked a huge, supportive response, which led to the creation of The Worldwide Tribe - a platform that aims to spread awareness raise funds for refugees. Jaz is the definition of a courageous and compassionate woman.


Jumana is a risk taker and talented female photographer based in Dubai. She pushes the limits to get the perfect shot, even if it takes getting on rooftops to capture epic views. She is a perfect example of a female photographer with an incredible ability to master urban photography.

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Hana Yu

Hana is a gifted street photographer originally from South Korea now based in Chicago. Her moody images can evoke emotion without including any words in the caption. She is another example of a strong female street photographer.

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Yulia Denisyuk

Yulia is a passionate writer and photographer born in Kazakhstan and now based in the United States. After years working as a navy sailor, she decided to travel the world and start In Search of Perfect. She creates so much life and tells inspiring stories through her photography.


I love Alex of Lost With Purpose for so many reasons. Her witty captions are just as good as her artistic travel photos. She travels with her partner Sebastiaan to document hidden gems like Iran, Central Asia and more.


Lucie is a talented world traveler and photographer based in NYC. Her colorful photos make you want to book a one way ticket to each destination she posts on her travel account, Miss Jetsetter.

Steph Be

Stephanie is one of the most driven world travelers, photographers and entrepreneurs out there. She travels the globe making connections with locals and makes a point to embrace slow travel and take in each moment.



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