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A Holiday Gift Guide From The ONA Community
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A Holiday Gift Guide From The ONA Community

We regularly depend on our community's seemingly inherent knack for discovering the coolest shops, destinations, and gear. Now that holiday season is in full-swing, we asked them to help us with gifting ideas. Below, see what ten of our talented community members—across disciplines and time zones—picked as the best gifts for the photographer or creative in your life:


Brayden Hall | @braybraywoowoo | Vancouver

Top Gift Picks

Patagonia Synchilla Snap-T Pullover ($59-$119): “This fleece is one of my favorite gifts for a couple reasons. I love the retro feel to the fleece, it keeps you super warm - whether you are on the top of a mountain or chilly in the city, and they look BOMB in photos.”

DJI Mavic Pro ($999): “If you are feeling luxurious during the holiday season and want to get someone who is closest to you a drone, the DJI Mavic Pro is a perfect option. It is an easy-to-fly, portable, entry level drone that still produces amazing footage.”

1L Nalgene Water Bottle ($5-$27): “For those of you who want to keep it simple - a 1L Nalgene water is an awesome and easy gift. I carry mine around with me literally everywhere I go. They come in some fun colors and they are the perfect bottle to keep you hydrated from day to day.”

Favorite ONA

The Camps Bay backpack in smoke ($429): “The bag looks sleek, hip, and professional. It's freakin' COMFY to wear! But my favorite feature is that it fits all of my photography needs. The Camps Bay's customizable compartments make it easy for me to travel with my camera, lenses, and even my DJI Mavic Pro drone!”

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Pictured above: The leather Bowery bag in antique cognac

Nicoline Patricia Malina | @npmalina | Jakarta, Indonesia

Top Gift Picks

Sennheiser Momentum over ear headphones ($300): "A gift for the ones who enjoy the best sound."

Faure Le Page leather passport cover: "If there's any monogram worth loving, it's this one."

Madewell's transport tote ($168): "For your weekend or overnight trips."

Favorite ONA

The Leather Bowery in antique cognac ($249): "This is the perfect camera bag that holds all my babies securely and not to mention it's super stylish as well! I have also been eyeing the black leather Bowery."


Pictured above: The Camps Bay backpack in field tan

John Philp Thompson | @johnphilp3 | Chicago

Top Gift Picks

Monocle Subscription ($60-$160): “I’m a huge fan and nerd of Monocle. They publish great content and I listen to their podcast every morning! They cover international news, design and politics - great for the cultured guy!”

Red Wing Heritage Boot ($270): “This work boot is an American classic and is a staple in any guy’s closest.”

Powerbeats Wireless ($199): “I’ve been staying tethered for far too long and resisting the wireless revolution! But with Apple’s new phone jack, I’ve been forced to split time between charging and listening to music too many times. These wireless headphones are a modern-day necessity for commuting or working out!”

Favorite ONA

The Bolton Street Backpack ($369)


Daniela Constantini | @danielabistrain | New York City

Top Gift Picks

The North Sound in Walnut ($149): “One important factor when having a gig is being organized, no one wants to spend time looking for memory cards or batteries in a huge backpack, this small bag is a problem-solver and amazing for travel.”

The ONA Presidio Strap in Dark Truffle ($109): "The Presidio strap gives my camera an extra little touch and adds style."

Barbour 0427 Convoy Waxde Jacket ($449): “This jacket would be an amazing gift given the season, sometimes photography gigs involve being outside for many hours, so why not keep ourselves warm to be able to shoot without freezing!”

Favorite ONA

The Clifton Backpack in Antique Cognac ($499): “As much as I love ONA shoulder bags and messenger bags, this one has to be the winner for me. Especially when it comes to gigs and I have to carry more than one camera body, multiple lenses, and sometimes even a laptop. This would be an amazing gift, it is not only comfortable and distributes weight, it is also such a good looking bag!”


Jose Silva | @jnsilva | New York City

Top Gift Picks

Sony MX-1000x headphones ($400): "These headphones are an amazing gift for any audiophile. Not only do they support hi-res audio, they also come equipped with the most innovative noise-canceling technology I've ever encountered. The new ear pads are so comfortable - you can wear them for hours without any issues."

Playstation VR ($400-$500): "I hadn't really given into the 'VR is the future' craze until I tried the PSVR headset for the first time in a demo at the Sony store in NYC. The quality of the graphics simply blew me away and the experience was so immersive that after a few minutes of playing Arkham VR I truly felt like Batman. Franchises like Resident Evil and Final Fantasy are coming out with VR experiences in the next few months, which makes this is a must buy!"

HP Sprocket Portable Photo Printer ($130): "How cool is this thing? This little portable printer is perfect for any photographer on-the-go. You can bring it to any event and print out photos for the guests on the spot, or simply carry it in your bag and take it out when you want to impress one of your subjects with a spontaneous print. I want it so bad!"

Favorite ONA

The Nylon Camps Bay Backpack ($409)


Paola Franqui | @monaris_ | New York City

Top Gift Picks

Fuji Instax Mini ($60): "If you love cameras this is perfect to add to your collection. It is very convenient to have around and it creates great memory keepers!"

Leather Quick Release Hand Strap ($20): "This small, lightweight but secure strap allows me to easily put my camera into my purse without extra bulk and without the worry of dropping it when it comes out. Neck straps are always in the way anyways!"

 Life 100 photographs that changed the world ($48): "Photography books are always very inspiring and a must-have for every photographer. This book includes a fascinating collection of photos. Well worth a read."

Favorite ONA

The Leather Clifton backpack ($499)

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Matt Gee | @mattbg | Los Angeles

Top Gift Picks

Levi's Sherpa Trucker Jacket ($128): “This jacket is a classic. It's incredibly warm, stylish, and guaranteed to get you some compliments.”

Pop Socket Phone Grip ($10): “The pop socket is probably the best $10 you can spend. It's a grip, stand and a handy arm extension for all those selfies.”

Artifact Uprising Prints + Wood Block ($25): “You can't go wrong with prints and Artifact's quality is simply the best. Plus, you can print directly from Instagram.”

Favorite ONA

Leather Brixton Messenger in Antique Cognac ($439): “This bag is versatile, functional and beautiful. Perfect for a trip overseas or to the local coffee shop.”


Pictured above: The leather Prince Street messenger in antique cognac

Caitlin Elgin | Deputy Pencil Lady at @cwpencilenterprise | New York City

Top Gift Picks

Midori Traveler's Notebook starter pack ($50): "I'm ready to start 2017 with a clean slate and a blank planner, and I plan on gifting myself one of these to get organized. It's the ultimate customizable notebook system -- they offer multiple calendar layouts, plus a range of blank inserts, that you can arrange (and rearrange!) however you please."

Haibara Color Rimmed Washi Letter Writing Sets ($14): "I'm a firm believer that stationery makes a good gift for anyone - it's timeless and a simple way to say "Let's stay in touch!" These minimal sets make everyone's correspondence look a little nicer, whether it's a short note or a long love letter."

Don Fisher Pesca Lo Bonito Cases ($10-$66): "How adorable are these fish cases? I'm tempted to give one to everyone I know - they make everyone smile. Also the perfect way to tote around some pencils."

Favorite Gift from CW Pencil Enterprise (featured on our blog last August)

Caran d'Ache 100th Anniversary Prismalo set ($72): "Prismalos inspired Caroline's lifelong passion for pencils, which ultimately resulted in CW Pencil Enterprise. This set was made to commemorate Caran d'Ache's 100th Anniversary, and looks gorgeous on a desktop. Of course, Prismalos also have that impeccable Caran d'Ache quality."


Julia Manchik | @juliamanchik | Seattle

Top Gift Picks

Alki Watch by Hodina ($89): "A simple unisex watch that goes with everything, looks way more expensive than it is and currently my go-to watch (though I’ve been eyeing the black on black one as well). I love how slim it is and it doesn’t bother me during the day like some watches do."

This Week’s List Pad by Moorea Seal ($18): "This beautiful gold foiled weekly planner will make your Mondays a little more exciting. I especially love the entry field for a major goal for the week, because if I can get that one thing done, it’s a successful week."

Moment Wide Lens ($90): "A tiny but solid piece of glass for your phone camera. The 18mm wide lens makes your photos twice as wide, and it’s especially useful for iPhone videos, when you want to capture the full scene and can’t back up any more."

Favorite ONA

The Leather Clifton backpack in Antique Cognac ($499): "This backpack is classic and beautiful. I can’t imagine anyone not liking it. It’s the ultimate gift for any photographer who likes nice things and even if they already have a camera bag, they’d ditch it in a heartbeat for this beauty. I love that it looks like a regular bag and I can use it any day, whether I’m shooting or not."


Yuriy Manchik | @yuriymanchik | Seattle

Top Gift Picks

yStudio pen ($70) "Everyone needs a nice pen, whether you’re taking notes, jotting down your next big idea at a coffee shop, or just drawing a cartoon, a good quality pen makes that experience so much better. Most people find it hard to justify spending a lot on a pen that’s why it’s an awesome gift idea, that will last a very long time. This pen is made of brass in Taiwan and will develop an awesome patina the more you use it."

Stag Whiskey decanter ($129) “Whiskey just seems to taste so much better when it comes out of a beautiful decanter. At least that’s the illusion this stag decanter will give off. It will look good in any office, man-cave, or home. Your whiskey will look 100 times better in this decanter then the original bottle it came in.”

Filson Lined Goatskin Gloves in Tan ($150) "It’s getting cold and it’s especially tough when you’re shooting and your hands are always out holding the camera. A nice pair of gloves will fix that. Keep your hands warm and look good doing it. Made by Filson so you know these can withstand anything you throw at them. And they will only look better with age."

Favorite ONA

The Leather Bowery in Antique Cognac ($249) "The antique cognac is such a beautiful leather and looks good when you’re dressed up shooting wedding or climbing up a mountain top. I’ve had mine for at least 4 years now and it looks so good. I get compliments on it wherever I go. It’s the perfect size for a camera body and a lens or two."

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