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Announcing: Our Fall Event Series

For nearly a decade, ONA has designed premium camera bags and straps for a global community of storytellers. This fall, we're hosting over a dozen free events around the world—from Oslo to Honolulu—to celebrate our community.

We’re honored to have a number of notable members of our community as event co-hosts, including: Devin Allen, Mari Gjørv, Joe Greer, Joel Hypponen, Pei Ketron, Lucy Laucht, Aundre Larrow, Christopher Michel, Morten Nordstrøm, Mat Rick, Brandon Ruffin, Jose Tutiven, Marcus Ubungen. We’ve also partnered with our friends at Leica Camera, Kodak Camera Club, Adobe, Indie Film Lab, Film Supply Club, and Walk With Locals—as well as a number of our favorite local camera stores—to both co-host the events and create value for attendees.

The initial list of events is below, with sign-up links where applicable. We’ll be updating this list on a rolling basis and sharing updates as we have them on ONA’s Instagram.

San Francisco Photowalk with Pei Ketron, Christopher Michel, and Marcus Ubungen

Hosted by Leica Store San Francisco & ONA

Saturday, September 7 | San Francisco, CA | 10AM—12PM

“The Last Expanse” Meetup with Aundre Larrow

Hosted by The North Face

Monday, September 9 | Washington, D.C. | 7PM—9PM

Oslo Photowalk with Joel Hypponen and Mari Gjørv

Hosted by Scandinavian Photo & ONA

Saturday, September 14 | Oslo, Norway | 2PM – 4PM | RSVP

"Monochrom Magic” Photowalk with Mat Rick

Hosted by Leica Camera & ONA @ Photoville

Saturday, September 14 | Brooklyn, NY | 2:30PM – 4:00PM | RSVP

Adobe Mobile Photowalk with Pei Ketron*

Hosted by Adobe & ONA @ Photoville

Sunday, September 15| Brooklyn, NY | 3PM – 4:30PM | *No sign-up needed

Color & Contrast Photowalk with Joe Greer

Hosted by Leica Camera & ONA @ Photoville

Sunday, September 15| Brooklyn, NY | 4:30PM – 6PM | RSVP

Berkeley Photowalk with Brandon Ruffin

Hosted by Looking Glass Photo & ONA

Sunday, September 15 | Berkeley, CA | 10:30AM—12:30PM | RSVP

Talk with Tutes: Reaching Creative Goals and Business Goals

Hosted by Adorama & ONA

Monday, September 23 | New York, NY | 5PM—7PM | RSVP

Details forthcoming:




Washington, D.C.

Los Angeles


We look forward to seeing you at one of the walks, and stay tuned for more details…

-The ONA Team

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