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Father's Day Gift Ideas From 5 Photographer-Dads

New list, same tradition. We’ve curated a Father’s Day Gift Guide with hand-picked items from ONA’s community. Below are 5 photographer-dad’s and the gifts they think any dad would like.


Christian Cannon | @seacannon | California

Chelsea Boots- I have 4 pairs of Chelsea boots, all in different colors. Somehow this boot covers the threshold of being both incredibly comfortable and professional (which for those of you who shoot weddings know how important that is). It also doesn’t hurt that the wife thinks I look handsome in them too!

Hydro Flask- Being a dad who is constantly on the go, hydration is absolutely key. In addition, finding a way to use less plastic while also investing in a bottle that can take a beating was a huge component to me. I take mine everywhere and highly recommend them.

Computer Glasses- If any of you are like me, you probably spend too much time on your computer or phone. Could be for work, could be for editing photos, or could be for fun, either way it has an effect on your eyes and computer glasses provide that blue light protection. Say goodbye to eye strain & headaches.

The Leather Bowery Camera Bag - This messenger is my go-to for outings with the family. Having the ability to carry my camera, extra memory cards, a Rode mic, and a portable charger while freeing up my back to be ridden and my hands to be held is where it’s at.


Andrew Griswold | @andrewgriswold | Indiana

Withings Sport HR Fitness Tracker - As a husband and father of two kids, it can become quite the balancing act to keep up with it all. Getting a fitness tracker some years ago was a simple way to keep track of quite a bit about my movement and sleep. I eventually found the Withings Sport HR along with countless other incredible products for staying active and keeping track of my life just a little better. Not to mention, it looks and works like a classic watch but with all the Apple Watch features without the added cost.

Moment Lenses - I never leave the house without my set of Moment lenses made for the iPhone. I have been shooting with these lenses ever since their original Kickstarter and can’t say enough about the freedom and variety they allow for anyone on the go that wants to take better photos without the added investment in expensive camera gear.

Field Notes + Pentel Graphgear .5 Mechanical Pencil - The Field Notes wallet-sized notebook with a dot grid is perfect for taking quick notes, drawing out ideas, or simply jotting down your grocery list. Easily fits in your pocket and a pack of 3 is less than $10 on Amazon. And the Pentel Graphgear .5 is the perfect balance and build quality for writing on the go and looks great hanging out on top of my ears.

The Union Street Camera Messenger  - This bag came in such a pristine condition and I legit had never been more excited to put it through its paces to bring that beautiful leather to a great wear and tear condition that looked like it was full of character.


Anthony Xaiver | @startswith_x | California

Gnarbox - Being constantly on the go and traveling a lot, Gnarbox has been on my wish list for a while. It’s a portable backup and editing system for any camera. It has its own WIFI and once connected you just open the Gnarbox app which has all the tools you need to backup, edit and share content.

Canon AE1 Film Camera - This past year, I started getting into film photography and the Canon AE1 film camera is one I’ve been wanting to shoot on. I heard that the quality of the camera is great and that it works really well. The whole film process is fun to me, from counting every shot, waiting for the images to get developed and not knowing how they will turn out!

One Free Day to go Drone Racing - My drone collection has grown significantly these past few years and I would love to have just 1 free day to go drone racing!

The Clifton Camera Backpack - My go-to travel bag is the ONA Clifton, it’s the perfect size and fits all my camera equipment. I love the black leather and how lightweight it is. I use it all the time, especially during Fashion Month!


Yuriy Manchik | @yuriymanchik | Washington

Autodromo Springbuck Driving Gloves - Caution. These will make you drive way faster. If not, at least you will look good driving around town. You don’t have to be driving a sports car to rock these awesome gloves. Rock them in your old beater or in your restored Ferrari or even on your bike. The beautiful cognac matches perfectly with ONA’s Bowery Bag in the same color.

Teton Tenkara Fly Fishing Rod - This is a great little rod to take along on short hikes or keep in your car for the unexpected fishing trip. Very compact and an overall great rod. I feel like being out on the water is a good way for Dad's to get away and unwind for a bit.

Timex Q ReIssue Watch - Timex killed it with a beautiful re-issue of their Q watch that was originally released in 1979. The 38mm is a great size for most average wrists and it won’t break the bank.

Whipping Post Standard Weekender Bag - I’m a fan of the cognac/light brown color in leather and WP has a beautiful weekender bag. A durable duffle is a must have. Buy one and it should last you the rest of your life.

Lockjaw Chef’s Knife - A good chefs knife is a must and will make anyone’s time in the kitchen more enjoyable. These are beautiful, hand forged in New Orleans and will only get better when they develop patina over the years.

The Leather Bowery Camera Bag -  I’ve had it for about 7 years now, use it all the time, and it’s gotten more and more comfortable as it gets broken in. I get lots of compliments on it and it’s the perfect size for what I need it for.


Branden Stanley | @brandenjstanley | Illinois

Stanley Thermoses - I’ve been a huge fan of Stanley thermoses for years, particularly their master series line. They’re rugged, they’re reliable, and fit my outdoor style. As a traveling photographer, a common problem I run into is dehydration. Not only does my Stanley thermos keep water on hand, but it keeps it cool, even when I’m photographing in the heat of the summer. They also tether perfectly to my ONA bags with a carabiner clip.

Joby Gorillapod - Two things I’ve learned from travel over the years are to pack lightly, and choose what you’re carrying very carefully. I love using my Joby Gorillapod (I recommend the 3K or 5K). Their quality and stability has improved so much over the past few years, and it’s hard to argue with their versatility.

An Instant Camera - I spend a lot of time shooting digital cameras, and a lot of time shooting film, but instant cameras have always stood out to me in a few ways. For one thing, there’s nothing like seeing your photo right away on a tangible medium. When you shoot so many pictures for work, sometimes it’s nice to take a break and relax with something that feels more leisurely.

The Camps Bay Backpack + The Bowery Camera BagBoth go on every flight with me. It sounds silly, but when you travel as much as I do, you come to rely on your equipment and form a bond with them. The Camps Bay backpack allows me to pack multiple cameras and accessories in an incredibly stylish package that just functions the way I need it to, keeping all my precious cargo safe and secure. The Bowery comes in a close second due to its minimalistic good looks, and the fact that it’s the absolute perfect size for a “walk-around” bag. I rarely leave home without my Bowery.


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