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Father's Day Gifts From 5 Photographer-Dads
Gift Guide, The Bowery for Leica, The Brixton, The Camps Bay, The Prince Street

Father's Day Gifts From 5 Photographer-Dads

From Los Angeles to Louisville to South Jersey and the far reaches of Canada - five dads (and talented photographers) from across our community share unique gift ideas for Father's Day along with their favorite ONA bag. From a new roll of film to a simple pair of checkered Vans, here is our guide highlighting 15 gifts to show your gratitude.

Tim Coulson | @timcoulson

Father's Day Gift Picks

Pentax 67iiI love shooting film cameras and have recently taken the jump from 35mm to medium format. I have the older Pentax 67 (and the Pentax 645) but I would love to upgrade my 67 just to speed up the process a little and to have a brighter viewfinder. Film is king for me and I prefer it’s look, feel and tones over digital. Plus, I don’t have to edit my film work which is amazing.

Powerbeats3 WirelessThese are the perfect headphones for me. Wireless and they won’t fall out of my ears when I’m exercising, which almost all other earphones do #bigears.

Veja holiday leather black perforated shoes: These are just a really beautiful and comfortable shoe that happen to be ethically made, which is perfect. We’ve got a big trip coming up through the USA and I need a comfy shoe like this.

Favorite ONA bag

The Nylon Camps Bay backpack: The Camps Bay is the perfect bag or me. I’ve got a 15inch laptop (I like the bigger screen when editing) and generally have two DSLR bodies that I can squeeze in, as well as a couple of lenses. The style of this bag is exactly what I’m after.

Max Wanger | @maxwanger

Father's Day Gift Picks

FUJI Instax Square Hybrid: This is Fuji's latest instax camera that takes digital photos that can then be printed on square format film. I don't know who would have more fun with this, me or my 4 year old, Dash!

Checkered Vans: Dash's favorite shoes are his checkered slip-on Vans. I'm in need of a new pair and these will allow us to be stylin' twins. 

Matcha Brewing Kit: It seems like everyone is matcha obsessed these days. I'm no different. This kit will allow me to start making my own matcha lattes at home. And help keep me awake (a 3 month-old baby = no sleep) 

Favorite ONA bag

ONA Camps Bay: The perfect backpack for carrying my gear, especially when I travel. It's stylish, practical and unassuming and I get compliments on it everywhere I go. 

Jay Cassario | @jaycassario

Father's Day Gift Picks

A father/son photo shoot: There's absolutely no gift higher on my list than a father/son photo shoot. It took 6 years of battling infertility to finally get my son who will turn 3 years old this September, he will most likely be our only child. As any parent can relate, you truly don't understand how quickly time flies by until you become a parent. Photographs of me and my son are everything, and Father's Day is a great day to have my wife (a very talented photographer as well as my business partner at Twisted Oaks) take some new photos of me and my son, Luke.

A 5-pack of FUJIFILM FP-100C polaroid film: I'm a huge advocate of print. Not only is my photography business a product based business with a studio filled with albums, framed prints, and canvases, but my house is the same way. Because of my love for print, I'm a huge polaroid junky. I have polaroid collages in my house, as well as large canvases printed from polaroids. My favorite polaroid film is FP-100C, shot on my Mamiya RZ67, but the film is expensive so I shoot it very sparingly. It is a perfect Father's Day gift.

DJI Mavic Pro: I really had no desire to purchase a drone... until I was sent the Mavic Pro to test and review. I fell in love. Not only is it small and light, it can easily fit in my ONA Prince Street, but it's a ton of fun to fly and I can get it up in the air within a few minutes. I haven't used it at a wedding yet, but I will be soon, once I pass my 107 test for commercial flying.

Favorite ONA bag

The Leather Brixton: I have a few ONA bags and I have to say that my favorite is the one that I just recently purchased, the Brixton. I like to shoot with a bag on my hip, and the ONA Brixton can hold two DSLR body/lens combos. I typically like to shoot with two bodies, and the Brixton is perfect for carrying while I shoot. Plus, it looks pretty stylish at the same time.

The Bowery For Leica: I'm a Leica Pro photographer and a lot of times only bring my Leica gear on a shoot. When I'm only carrying my Leica M10, I typically only bring one extra lens which makes the Bowery a perfect sized bag. The red inside of the Bowery For Leica is one of the sexiest looking bags I own.

Adrian C. Murray | @adriancmurray

Father's Day Gift Picks

Nintendo SwitchA lot of younger dads grew up with video games and with the ubiquity of technology it's only fair that our progeny will also be drawn to the allure of interactive pixels. My kids are starting to see more interest in the iPad. However, it's really a solo experience. I feel like if they're going to play games on a screen, we can at least make it something everyone can join in on. That's where the Switch comes into play. I don't play a lot of video games, myself; though I could certainly see firing up Mario Kart and teaching my kids how to properly use a banana peel. 

Bose QC35As I do my fair amount of flying, a nice set of noise cancelling headphones are a perfect complement to my camera bag. I actually already have a different pair; however, my oldest son has commandeered that pair. These headphones would be great for anyone who travels or has a home office in a house full of little feet.

Maui Jim AviatorsLast year I stumbled upon my favorite pair of sunglasses laying in the driveway. They must have somehow ended up under a tire because they were shattered and bent in such a way that there was no recovery even remotely possible. I’ve held off from buying another pair but I think enough time has passed that the grieving process is over and I’m ready for a new pair. Though I’d have to keep an extra set of eyes on this pair so little fingers can’t leave them under the car again. 

Favorite ONA bag

The Leather Prince StreetThis is my go-to bag for when we leave the house. It’s small but can still hold a fair amount of gear. Especially if you shoot mirrorless. I’ve been able to fit an x100f, an XT2 and three lenses. An iPad Pro also makes a great fit in the laptop sleeve. Not to mention the fact that the bag is well crafted and looks great on any shoulder. 

Joel Barhamand | @xtravaluemeal

Father's Day Gift Picks

Voigtlander Bessa R3MIf you have the money buy a Leica, don’t wait. But, if you’re like me that day still has not come. I have owned many cameras over the years but perhaps my favorite is still the Voigtlander Bessa R3M. It looks beautiful, it takes Leica Lenses (as well as the much more affordable Voigtlander lenses) and will give you the same satisfaction and rangefinder cool factor but will save you four grand. The R3M is fully mechanical and fully manual allowing you to get back to basics and shoot even without batteries.  

Fluance Solid Wood TurntableThere is nothing better to collect than vinyl. It lasts forever, and provides endless hours of pleasure. You can buy it all over the world and at every concert you attend I find I never forget where or when I bought a record. This is a great home turntable for people starting into the world. It looks great, sounds great and has a built in pre-amp making setup a breeze.

Ugg Ascot SlippersWhen I received these slippers as a present, I thought I would never be an UGG man, now I live in these. Give your dad or your husband a pair of these and you’ll win him over the second he slips them on. The hard sole lets you wear these outside to grab the paper or some firewood and the sheep-wool lining keeps your toes super toasty.

Favorite ONA bag

The Camps BayI shoot a lot of travel jobs that are in and out, usually a nights stay in a hotel and I’m back on a plane again the next day. I’ve been using this bag since ONA launched and still use it every time I hit the road. It holds my two camera bodies two lenses, and flash setup as well as my computer and a change of clothes. It goes in the overhead but also fits under the seat ensuring I never have to worry about my gear getting checked. It also looks great and just like the day I got it.

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