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Founder Profile: Noa Santos of Homepolish
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Founder Profile: Noa Santos of Homepolish

The inaugural edition of our Founder Profile series features Noa Santos, co-founder and CEO of Homepolish. Noa's New York City-based startup provides beautiful, affordable interior design services by the hour, disrupting the approach of traditional interior design firms that only clients with massive budgets can afford. Recent Homepolish clients include LearnVest, the personal finance startup, and ONA Community member Helena Price, who recently transformed her stunning San Francisco loft.

With ONA's heritage of providing stylish bags and accessories for photographers and creative entrepreneurs, it was no surprise the the head of NYC's most innovative interior design startup selected the Kingston briefcase in field tan as his bag of choice. Learn more Noa and Homepolish in today's Founder Profile.

Noa carries the Kingston briefcase in field tan.

ONA: Tell us about what inspired you to start Homepolish.

NS: Designing a home you're proud of, one that truly reflects who you are, changes everything. It changes the way you feel when you wake up or when you come home after a long day at work or how excited you are when you invite friends over. When an experience is that profound, everyone should have it.

ONA: What does it mean to you to be a “creative professional”?

NS: It means getting paid for things I'd do for free!

ONA: What sort of project or problem drives your creativity? And what is your dream project?

NS: Homepolish is my dream project. If it wasn't, I'd scrap it and do something else. What drives my creativity is the sheer magnitude of what our team is trying to accomplish. We don't just want everyone to have access to the design help they need, we want them to rethink the relationship they have with their homes (or offices). Design doesn't begin and end just like a person's style or wardrobe doesn't begin and end. Our homes should be an ever-evolving expression of our current selves - an ongoing act of discovery - and we should be comfortable exploring interior design like we explore fashion.

ONA: Which tools are the most essential items for you? The ones that you use most on a daily basis?

NS: My Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and a white button up. I like things simple.

ONA: What is the hardest thing about being an entrepreneur or founder?

NS: Finding a co-founder. When you find the right one, it's like Christmas all year long!

ONA: In one sentence, what advice would you give to an entrepreneur or founder just starting out?

NS: Find a co-founder.

ONA: How did you hear about us?

NS: Instagram!





Note: Photos of Noa were kindly taken by Kelsey Rose.

Interior photos taken by Claire Esparros, Emily Johnston, and Helena Price.

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