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Holiday Gift Ideas from 4 Professional Photographers
Gift Guide, The Big Sur, The Camps Bay, The Clifton

Holiday Gift Ideas from 4 Professional Photographers

Gifting season is upon us and this year, we’ve put together a series of gift guides with creatives from the ONA community across four genres – fashion, food, travel and tech. Below, we highlight 16 tech-inspired gifts from 4 professional photographers. 


Gift picks:

Canon, PowerShot G7X Mark II: I always need a camera on me and sometimes I feel like my phone won’t cut it and my Mark IV is too much to lug around.  The G7X is just the right size.  It’s portable to the point where you can put it in your pocket and guaranteed to get the job done.

Vallerret Markof, Pro Model Photography Gloves: In Chicago, there’s nothing more exciting than getting out and taking pictures during the first snow.  However, if you want to last the whole day, one thing you have to be ready for is the cold!  Keeping my hands warm is the only way to go the distance.  These gloves fit tight, are warm, and have “FlipTech Finger Caps” to free up your phone fingers if necessary.

LaCie, 4TB Rugged Mini Poratble Hard Drive: Do we ever have enough hard drive space?  I’m always backing up my back-ups so I get fired up when I have more storage.  LaCie is a reliable drive that I’ve been using for years and with all the shooting I’ll be doing this winter, more space is always welcome!

ONA, Nylon Camps Bay Backpack: This bag has been perfect for me.  Along with my DSLR and it’s lenses, it holds all other gear and other random life necessities I may need to have on me when I know I’m going to be outside shooting for day.


Gift Picks:

Insta360, ONE 360 VR Camera: This camera gives you the opportunity to take a 360 panorama picture with just one click. Its portable and fits perfect to all iPhone sizes. It would be the perfect addition to my kit and I love the design. 

DJI, Inspire 2 pro: I am a huge fan of drones and the Inspire 2 is perfect for me since it has optional high-altitude propellers. I'll be able to fly it up to 16,404 feet above sea level (5 km). It is highly functional and has a lot of enhancements that are imperative for my photography work.

Freddie Grubb, Paulistano chair: This chair is so dreamy - I love how light and comfortable it is. The aesthetic is minimal without lacking comfort. This classic design is also part of the permanent collection at the Museum of Modern Art New York and hopefully it will be a part of my living room one day.

ONA, The Clifton backpack: This backpack is classic and professional. It is versatile and conveniently stores all of my photography gear. 


Gift Picks:

Sirui, T-025X Traveler Carbon Fiber Tripod: For a photographer, it’s quite a challenge to travel light. Where ever I can shed a few pounds, my body thanks me. So this tripod is a good option for the ultimate lightness.

Irving Penn, Centennial BookAfter seeing Irving Penn’s Centennial exhibition at The Met earlier this year, it’s hard to resist having a little piece of it for home. Penn’s work is inspiring, timeless and very deserving of it’s prominent spot on my bookshelf.

B&O, Play portable speaker: Ever been on a shoot where it’s just too quiet? This is a pretty great solution. Portable, beautiful and it sounds amazing!

ONA, The Big Sur backpack: I love this backpack (and ONA bags in general) because it’s not only functional, but it is also a good-looking bag. It’s important that I carry a camera bag that doesn't necessarily look like one because it allows me to walk around without carrying a bag that screams ‘cameras inside!’ ONA bags are beautiful and functional. This one is a staple that I take everywhere.


Gift picks:

Sony, MDR-1000X Headphones: Game changer when it comes to canceling out noise. Really good for long flights or if you want to just zone out.

Anker, PowerCore Speed 20000: If you’re always on the road, this is a must. I always have this packed in my bag. 

Uniqlo, Heat TechIf you’re like me on the east coast, the best gift for someone who goes out and shoots are these heat technology designed clothes by Uniqlo. It’ll keep you warm and they don’t look that bad either. 

ONA, the leather Brixton messenger: This was my very first ONA bag and I used it primarily in the city. With the perfectly sized pockets for a full sized DSLR I was always prepared on the road. If I needed to pop into a meeting this bag also carried my iPad that I use to display my work to clients. It looks darn good as well. 

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