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Holiday Gift Ideas from 4 Fashion Photographers
Gift Guide, The Brixton, The Camps Bay, The Clifton

Holiday Gift Ideas from 4 Fashion Photographers

Gifting season is upon us and this year, we’ve put together a series of gift guides with creatives from the ONA community across four genres - fashion, food, travel and tech. From workout classes to subscriptions and gifts-that-give-back, here are 15 gifts for the friend who loves fashion. 


Gift Picks:

DJI, Spark Drone: I’ve been holding out on a drone, but DJI’s newest addition to the drone family is a compact option that’s perfect for traveling easily fits in any ONA Bag.

Barry's Bootcamp, Giftcard: I’ve recently become addicted to this workout. High intensity classes utilizing weights and the treadmill to kick my butt into shape for the new year.

Apple, AirPods: I was doubtful of Apple’s wireless headphone, but am such a believer after running a half marathon in them. They’re the best wireless option I’ve come across.

ONA, The Nylon Camps Bay Backpack


Gift Picks:

FEED Projects, Arrow Scarf: I may seem biased with this one as I just traveled to Africa with this company, but I love this scarf for many reasons.  The first reason is it is the perfect accessory to update any wardrobe with.  It's a mix of practicality and style - you can wear it around your neck, or tie it to a bag.  Not only is it incredibly soft and versatile, but it's under $100 and provides 3 school meals to hungry children around the world.  You can check out more gift-ables that provide meals here

The Brave Collection, Deep Moss Bracelet: I love this bracelet for it's ability to be stacked with other bracelets, and not get in the way while I'm shooting. Their jewelry is handmade by talented Cambodian artisans who come from underprivileged backgrounds or suffer from disabilities. Mostly mothers, the team of artists work in a small studio in Cambodia, or from their homes while they care for their young children. All artists work in a free, fair and dignified work environment where they are paid above average wages and receive benefits such as health insurance and stipends for their children's education. 10% of the profits are donated to empower women against human trafficking.

Studebaker Metals, Workshop Keyholder: Between the many camera bags we sometimes need, it's easy to misplace the small things that get lost in the shuffle.  This key holder is perfect for clipping on to your pocket or onto a camera bag. Each piece is hand forged in Pittsburgh, PA. I also love the Amelia Cuff which you can always find me wearing!

ONA, The Leather Clifton Backpack: My favorite type of bag is a backpack as it allows me to be hands free.  It's also my favorite carry-on, from 15 hour flights to 1 hour flights.  It's super easy to dress up and down and always makes me feel professional when arriving to a shoot.


Gift Picks

Sony, 85mm 1.4 GM Portrait Lens: This lens is on the expensive side, but if you’re into lifestyle and fashion photography, and you shoot Sony full frame like me, this is the only lens you’ll need. It creates beautiful bokeh for full body shots and is a staple prime for portraits. Both of these photo styles are necessary for fashion bloggers and 85mm is the perfect focal length for both. If you’re on a budget you can opt for the GM’s littler brother (Sony 85mm 1.8) which is pretty much just as sharp (although you lose one F-stop, weather protection, and the aperture ring on the lens). It might be worth it for 60% less cost.

ONA, The Brixton Messenger: As a men’s style blogger, it’s important that my camera bag looks stylish and retains functionality. Most camera bags only have function but forget about style. This is the main advantage ONA has. The Brixton Camera Bag bag is my top pick for stylish gents who also like to take photos. It’s not too bulky, but large enough to fit a camera body, two lenses, and a laptop. The bag’s discrete nature is also an advantage while traveling. Theft is not as likely when your camera bag doesn’t look like a camera bag. I’ve heard horror stories of blogger friends who’ve had everything from their lenses, hard drives, laptops, and cameras stolen while traveling.

Thursday Boot Co., The Duke Chelsea Boot: Chelsea boots are my number one pick for versatility as a style blogger. They can be dressed up and down while adding flare to every outfit.  It’s the difference between nice outfit & WOW! That guy is stylish! They’re also functional. It’s my go-to boot while traveling through airport security because they slide on and off instantly (No tying & untying - and holding up the security line). Finally, Thursday boots have a patent on their suede weather protection, so they can withstand a little rain. They’re also insanely comfortable (I traversed Manhattan for 8 hours in them) and affordable. Win, win, win!


Gift Picks:

Slowtide, the Warrant Beach Towel: A little black, a little white, and a little fringe, all woven together for a cozy compliment to any adventure. Made up of 100% Cotton, so it's just as soft as it is functional. Ready to replace all my bath towels with these!

Island Fin Design, The Islander FinIf you're a surfer, besides receiving a surfboard shaped by hand, receiving a fin handcrafted on the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii is the next best thing. Island Fin Design has been making fins by hand since 1979; each one a piece of art. Not all fins are created equal and the quality of their fins are unmatched. 

Tambor Açaí, A year subscription of premium organic acaiAcai bowls are one of my favorite things to eat in the whole world. I'm kind of an acai snob when it comes to quality and taste, and I love the Traditional unsweetened packs Tambor has because it's the highest grade of organic acai available on the market. Having a subscription with free home deliveries to be able to make them at home sounds like best thing ever!

ONA, The Leather Clifton BackpackSimple construction with compartments and padded inserts for all my precious camera equipment, all in one black leather backpack. What's not to love?

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