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Introducing the Sevilla camera strap

Today, we’re proud to release the Sevilla, an elegant, minimal camera strap, handcrafted from the same full-grain premium leather used to make ONA’s camera bags. Designed for mirrorless and film cameras—with a fixed length of 40 inches—the strap features steel keyring clasps and leather scratch guards. The Sevilla has been stress-tested to 10 pounds, and comes in a variety of leathers, with more to be added in the coming months. As with all our products, the Sevilla strap is named after somewhere our team has traveled, in this case Sevilla (Seville), Spain, where our product and customer specialist Alondra Cruz Morales traveled a few summers ago. "My favorite thing about Sevilla was the culture,” she says, "and how embedded it was everywhere - from the food and architecture, to the personal style and attitude of its people. Sevilla has character and it is felt all around." One of the southernmost major cities of Europe, Sevilla is the sort of place you’ll want your camera on you all day, with a discrete strap that will won't add weight or hassle. "It was so hot,” Alondra says, "but it somehow did not bother me that much, probably due to my discovery of Tinto de Verano, which means Summer Red Wine and is simply equal parts red wine and lemon-lime soda over ice.”


Since we first started sampling it last summer, the Sevilla has been a favorite of visitors to our office, and has already traveled halfway around the world and found its way into a few shoots—like our recent campaign with Joe and Maddie Greer (above). We’re excited to finally share it with our community.

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