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Photographer Profile: Chris Bakley
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Photographer Profile: Chris Bakley

The team at ONA loves to highlight emerging photographers and feature established photographers: it’s less about renown or experience and more about the feelings stirred by the images created. We’re constantly amazed by the incredible variety of photographers who use ONA bags: there’s no standard background, education, subject, inspiration, industry. The only constant is that they’re trying–and usually succeeeding–to tell a story in one captured moment.

Chris Bakley x ONA Union StreetChris Bakley wears the Union Street in Black

ONA: How did you get into photography/videography?

CB: One November morning almost 3 years ago is where photography all started for me. I decided that day that I would take the little point and shoot what I had at the time and photograph the sunrise. When I took that shot I had this feeling that photography wasn't something I wanted to do but it was what I was meant to do. Ever since that moment I kept pushing on and haven't looked back since!

Chris Bakley x ONA Union Street Chris Bakley x ONA Union Street

ONA: What camera do you shoot with? What is your “go to” lens of choice?

CB: I currently shoot with a Canon 5D Mk II, my go to lens for Landscapes/Nightscapes is the Tokina 16-28 2.8. Incredibly sharp and amazing in every way! Can't recommend it enough!

Chris Bakley x ONA Bags Chris Bakley x ONA Bags

ONA: What sort of project drives your creativity? What is your dream project?

CB: For me the night has always given me creative freedom. Something that may seem ordinary or dull during the day can transform into something breathtaking at night! Be it the majestic night sky, a horizon full of lightning strikes or even just a night on the boardwalk. For me when I am out there under the stars everything else just disappears, No past, no future, no worries, no problems just the moment and that is exactly the feeling I am looking to express  in my photographs! My dream project would definitely be to travel to a place like Alaska or Iceland to photograph nature's beauty of the northern lights.

Chris Bakley x ONA Union Street Chris Bakley x ONA Bags

ONA: What is the hardest thing about being a photographer/videographer?

CB: The hardest thing about being a photographer for me is spending hours setting up a shot and it just not panning out. With this type of photography I am always relying on mother nature to cooperate with me. But that doesn't always happen, there will be nights where I have planned for weeks and already set up only to see a bunch of clouds rolling in over the horizon.

Chris Bakley x ONA Bags Chris Bakley x ONA Bags

ONA: Describe your style of shooting.

CB: My particular shooting style is finding beauty in the night with long exposures.

Chris Bakley x ONA Bags Chris Bakley x ONA Bags

ONA: In one sentence, what advice would you give to a photographer/videographer just starting out?

CB: Try everything! Portraiture, Landscapes, Architecture or even Fashion! One day you are going to shoot that one thing that gives you true passion and when that happens nothing will be able to stop you.

Chris Bakley x ONA Bags Chris Bakley x ONA Bags

ONA: How did you hear about us?

CB: A fellow photographer told me ONA Bags!

Chris Bakley x ONA Union StreetCONNECT WITH CHRIS


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