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Photographer Profile: James Frost
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Photographer Profile: James Frost

When we asked our community who we should profile for our wedding photographer series, James Frost's name rose to the top. We've been familiar with the UK-based photographer's work for some time—specifically his sublime, large-scale portraiture (see below)—and were excited to hear he carried a Brixton messenger. Below, enjoy some of our favorite selections from his portfolio and our full Q&A.

Name: James Frost

Hometown: Rustington, United Kingdom

Go-to gear: I shoot with a Canon 5D IV and my go-to lenses are the 35mm 1.4 and the 85mm 1.2. I also shoot a Pentax 67.

ONAs you use: The leather Brixton messenger.

Describe your aesthetic in five words or less: Timeless, cinematic storytelling.

Biggest creative influence: Ragnar Axelsson and Trent Parks. I have a deep love for black and white film and they both succeed in creating powerful images that demand more from your thoughts.

What motivates you: I find my motivation comes when meeting couples who have a deep connection and story to tell. This—matched with people who love what I do—skyrockets my motivation. It only makes me want to do that much better for them.

Biggest challenge: Photography. I feel like I never stop learning and there is always space to improve on in every aspect of it. Its important to never be complacent and to always strive to learn and adapt.

Mistake you’ve learned from: To stop looking at other photographer’s work and concentrate more on my own path and continuing my own voice and vision. It takes more to create something authentic than to simply mimic what you have already seen done. It's easy to lose your vision when you over saturate yourself with other work and trends.

One piece of advice that stuck with you: It is what it is. I like this saying because it really applies to many aspects in life. Especially when it comes to work. You make the best of what you have, not every wedding, every job, every day is going to be your idea of ideal. Its what you do with it that counts.

Time of day are you most creative: It's not so much a matter of a time of day, but more so what I am doing in the day. I pull creative thoughts while surfing, relaxing, or shooting personal work. Music is also a big draw for me when it comes to creative thoughts, especially storytelling. Being in the right space and frame of mind is what I find works for me and that can be any time of day.

One thing most people wouldn’t expect about you? I love surfing and fishing.

Thing you can’t live without: Coffee and my awesome girlfriend. Who tends to make me my coffees.

One piece of work you are most proud of: I don’t have a particular piece of work that stands out, but more so how my photography and storytelling style has developed over the years. It makes me feel like I’m achieving what I’ve always set out to do. That to me makes me proud.

Most recent “a-ha” moment: Life in general is a “a-ha” moment. It's really hard to pick a particular one that stands out!

Dream project: A dream project for me would be to travel somewhere to document a story that needs to be heard. Something strong and meaningful. I’ve always followed documentary photographers since I was young and a project like that would be a dream.

Goal for this year: My goal for this year is to work more on the work life-balance as it's very important to me to have time for all the things I enjoy and have more time to spend with my lady, family, and friends. It's easy to get caught up in work, but I don’t want to find that I haven’t enjoyed my life, but rather worked it away.

Lightning round:

Cats or dogs: Dogs

Sweet or savory: Savory

Childhood celebrity crush: Penelope Cruz

Favorite album: Youth Lagoon The Year of Hibernation

Most used phrase: OH My God.

Favorite book: Faces of the North by Ragnar Axelsson

Biggest fear: Wasps

Earliest memory: Traveling, camping, and fishing around Spain with my Nan and Grandad.

Hidden talent: Making tacos.



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