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Photographer Profile: Jane Kim
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Photographer Profile: Jane Kim

We recently met New York-based fashion and lifestyle photographer Jane Kim at our first annual Dumpling Crawl – she was one of three photographers that led our community through Chinatown and downtown NYC last January. Drawing inspiration from the city and her peers, Jane takes a photojournalistic approach that brings authenticity and life to her photographs. Below, we highlight some of Jane's most recent fashion work and she shares her go-to gear, dream project and goal for 2017. 

Name: Jane Kim

Hometown: The good old Jersey Shore.

Photo by Austin Rhee

Describe your aesthetic in five words or less: Cinematic, dreamy, likely foggy.

Go-to gear: Sony a7r ii and the Sony 55mm f/1.8 lens.

Favorite place to travel to: LA - it's my second home and the city I feel most comfortable in.

Biggest creative influence: All my fellow NYC photographers. I love seeing the different ways we are all able to capture the same city!

Thing you can’t live without: Netflix and Friends reruns.

Jane carries the Black Leather Clifton Backpack

What motivates you: The idea that you're never done learning as a photographer... You can always create something new and different every day.

Time of day are you most creative: Mornings, surprisingly. I'm half awake but super motivated, and that's where the good work starts forming.

Biggest challenge: Being too critical of my own work.

One piece of advice that stuck with you: All the time you spend comparing yourself to others is time that you could be spending to get better at what you do.

Mistake you’ve learned from: Not bringing enough memory cards to gigs. Always bring extras!

Project you are most proud of: I love shooting for J.Crew and recently got to shoot for their blog, which was such a fun collaboration.

Most used phrase: "I can't even"

Earliest memory: Getting separated from my mom on an elevator which was pretty traumatizing.

Hidden talent: I love to bake! I make a mean apple cake.

Dream project: Shooting on tour with Beyonce. I'd probably melt.

Most recent “a-ha” moment: There's only a few more weeks til warm weather! Thank goodness...

Goal for 2017: To see my work in print!

Lightning round -

Sweet or savory: Savory.

Childhood celebrity crush: Leonardo DiCaprio (hasn't changed).

Cats or dogs: Both!

Favorite album: Still haven't gotten tired of Lemonade.

Favorite book: Recently loved Yes Please by Amy Poehler. A must read for any old school SNL fans and creatives!

Biggest fear: Wasting my time.




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