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Photographer Profile: Jose Tutiven
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Photographer Profile: Jose Tutiven

Jose Tutiven has been part of the ONA family for years now, but it wasn't until earlier this year that we really got to know him, after being officially introduced by our mutual friends at Moment Lens. In addition to being Moment's ambassador in New York City, Jose also stays busy as a photographer and content creator represented by Laundry Service: Cycle, and also as a prolific Instagrammer -- check out his #portraitsbytutes series to get a taste! Read on to learn more about one of the nicest guys we've ever had the pleasure of meeting.

Jose carries the Nylon Camps Bay, one of the three bags in our new Black Collection.

ONA: How did you get into photography?

JT: As far as I can remember, I've always been the dedicated photo-taker among my friends and family because I had the "eye" for it. When my daughter was born four years ago, I decided to invest in my first DSLR and became fascinated taking pictures of her. Since then, I've never stepped out the house without my camera and became obsessed with learning the art of photography.

ONA: What camera do you shoot with? What is your “go to” lens of choice?

JT: I currently own a few different camera models, but you will often find me using my Canon 5D Mark III with a 50mm f/1.2L. That's my "go to" setup!

ONA: What sort of project drives your creativity? And what is your dream project?

JT: What drives me the most is when clients / brands give me full creative direction. I've been lucky enough to work with clients that have 100% trust in my vision to execute their objective. Ideally, I would love to work with brands and organizations for humanitarian work. Living in Ecuador in my early years, the struggle of the youth in my country to pursue any artistic passion is pretty much hopeless. I hope I can return one day to somehow use my photography experience to give them inspiration to help pursue their career in the arts.

ONA: What is the hardest thing about being a photographer?

JT: There's several answers to this, but the hardest thing for me has been adapting to patience. We live in such a competitive world and there's a tremendous urgency to perform and bring life to your vision. Patience seems to always get lost in the rush to produce your material.

ONA: Describe your style of shooting.

JT: Not sure if there's a specific style that I would fall into. I just know I'm constantly aware of stuff around me. I like capturing the subtle as well as complex movement of people in the city. I enjoy the vivacity as much as the idleness in my environment. I always force myself to find inspiration wherever I am!

ONA: In one sentence, what advice would you give to a photographer just starting out?

JT: The best advice I can provide is to go out and socialize with your peers and just as much with a stranger in the streets.

ONA: How did you hear about us?

JT: I've been following ONA brand probably as long as I've been in the photography world. I can't recollect how I came across the brand, maybe through friends or possible in search of a camera bag online -- but I do know that the Camps Bay backpack in smoke was my first camera bag that I've ever purchased. One of my best investments by far. I'm so excited to have recently added the new Nylon Camps Bay to my collection as well!



Photos of Jose kindly taken by Kevin Ornelas.

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