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Photographer Profile: Tiffany Mitchell
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Photographer Profile: Tiffany Mitchell

A few months ago, we had the opportunity to work with photographer, illustrator, and blogger Tiffany Mitchell on the launch of our Savannah crossbody camera bag. Her genuine joy for people, visual storytelling and inspiring others' creativity shines through in her craft and on her blog, Offbeat & Inspired. Today, we learn more about her go-to gear, biggest creative influence, and dream project and highlight some of her favorite photos below.

Tiffany carries the Savannah crossbody camera bag.

Name: Tiffany Mitchell

Hometown: Lodi, New Jersey

Favorite place to photograph: Cafes, restaurants and homes… but really any space that someone wanted to inspire with.

Bucket List destination: Italy and Puerto Rico because I had family in both places and I've never been!

Go-to gear: My Canon 5D Mark IV for sure.

Thing you can’t live without: My bullet blender… smoothies and bulletproof coffee have been a thing.

Describe your aesthetic in five words or less: Warm, textured, cozy, lived-in.

Biggest creative influence: Community... the way we influence each other, the things we love and how we share them when we’re open and unafraid.

What motivates you: Overcoming fear! Seeing how crippling it was in my own life, and learning how to grow through it has motivated me to share the message of hope, healing and community any way I can! Right now I get to do it on Instagram!

Biggest challenge: I think the biggest challenge is navigating social media photography as an industry, while preserving the heart of my mission which is loving people and making them feel heard. I want to empower their voices and I would love to do that with every single post, so it takes a lot of work and focus to choose the right partners so I can continue to make a living doing this dream.

One piece of advice that stuck with you: There’s room for everyone at the table. Always. Never feel threatened by someone else’s success or work. Celebrate them.

Time of day are you most creative: Early morning! When I’m up for it…haha.

One thing most people wouldn’t expect about you? I started my career in social media by designing 3D clothing for a virtual world called Second Life. I made a living doing that for about 8 years before I started blogging and Instagram!

Mistake you’ve learned from: Partnering with a company that doesn’t have the same heart… I had to learn the hard way that not everyone understands the story I’m trying to tell. It just made me much pickier about who I work with!

Work you are most proud of: The sweet humans who have chosen to open up with me about their beautiful lives and stories. It’s such an incredible honor and I am proud of them for choosing to be courageous.

Most recent “a-ha” moment: I think I’ve had this a-ha moment over and over again… but it’s the realization that there are no limits on what I can talk about, photograph and share. If my life grows and changes, so should my work and my story!

Pictured above: The Savannah crossbody.

Dream project: Going to Hawaii, driving around with a little mobile kitchen attached to the back of my Jeep and gathering/eating with strangers. That’s the nutshell version!

Goal for 2017: To be less afraid, and more free! That will be the goal every year!

Lightning round:

Cats or dogs: Cats that act like dogs.

Sweet or savory: Savory.

Childhood celebrity crush: JTT and Devon Sawa, obviously.

Favorite album: Keep It Hid, Dan Auerbach

Most used phrase: "Sweet Moses."

Favorite book: Dr. Seuss’s Sleep Book. Works every time.

Biggest fear: Wow… I don’t know! I’ll go with a silly one - slugs.

Earliest memory: Having a nightmare about being chased by evil ketchup bottles when I was 2!

Hidden talent: I play guitar and I love to paint!



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