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Retailer Profile: Looking Glass Photo & Camera
Retailer Profile

Retailer Profile: Looking Glass Photo & Camera

Although we sell directly from our website, ONA also partners with select retail stores throughout the United States and the world to sell ONA camera bags and accessories. Our retail partnerships expose us to a larger audience, as well as allow people to feel the bags before purchasing. Over the past few years, we’ve had the pleasure of getting to know our retailers and their customers and experience how they’re adapting to the changing world of photography. We wanted to give you a glimpse into these stores, and highlight each retailer’s unique personality.

Looking Glass Photo & Camera x ONA BagsA family owned business in Berkeley, California, Looking Glass Photo & Camera has served the photography community for over 40 years. Built on customer trust and an enduring desire to help anyone get the picture they want, the store has grown tremendously and serves as the San Francisco Bay Area’s ultimate photography resource. Here, you’ll find everything you need, including a staff of dedicated, creative and genuine people who love what you love: photography.

Looking Glass Photo & Camera x ONA BagsLooking Glass Photo & Camera x ONA BagsONA: How would you describe your store’s personality in one sentence?

LGPC: A fun and unique retail experience with genuine people that want to help you get what you want out of your photography, and an immersive space that makes you want to come back for more!

Looking Glass Photo & Camera x ONA Bags Looking Glass Photo & Camera x ONA Bags Looking Glass Photo & Camera x ONA BagsONA: For your own photography, what are your favorite types of photos to take?

LGPC: People, pinhole & pooches!

Looking Glass Photo & Camera x ONA Bags Looking Glass Photo & Camera x ONA BagsONA: What keeps customers coming back?

LGPC: We listen to you. We have expert advice for you. And we celebrate photography with you. These three things make the difference – especially when considering that we do it all with the following goal in mind: to get you the pictures you want. Oh, and people love that we offer everything a photographer may need: cameras, lenses, bags, tripods, filters, film and more from all the top brands; classes and workshops; photographer talks; high-end digital printing services; photo processing services; equipment rentals; preowned equipment; film and digital supplies; two darkrooms; community photowalks; and … yep, so much more! #camerasarecool

Looking Glass Photo & Camera x ONA Bags Looking Glass Photo & Camera x ONA BagsONA: What’s one of your favorite customer stories?

LGPC: All of our customers are special to us, and many of them do AMAZING things with their work. I remember when Hurricane Katrina hit Louisiana and for the most part it was only rescue and aid workers being allowed into the area, one of our customers was fortunate to be given the opportunity to go in and document the aftermath of the storm. We suited him up with a small camera for carrying around, a very different tool than he is used to using (the images from this camera ended up turning into an incredible book and series that is still being shown and proceeds are paying to rebuild homes in the area). His forte has always been his large format work, and that was really what he was there to do. Getting an 8x10 camera to the area was a task of magnificent proportions, but when he called us from a New Orleans hospital to have a special order of large format color film sent in we were banking on a miracle to make it happen in time. Needless to say we bent over backwards, pulled every possible string and got him the film that he needed. For me, being a part of helping this photographer get what he needed to make pictures that not only changed the way the world experienced this life-changing event but images that to this day are still helping to heal the people and the houses of New Orleans… well, that’s a moment I am personally really touched by and proud to have been even a small part of.

Looking Glass Photo & Camera x ONA Bags Looking Glass Photo & Camera x ONA BagsONA: Where’s your favorite place to take a break in the neighborhood?

LGPC: Café Trieste – a cute and comfortable local café, not too far from our store here in Berkeley. They have a similar feel to what we do at Looking Glass: A local business with people who know their coffee, and their customers. It is easy to feel welcomed there, and that you are amongst friends. The café’s staff is super friendly, they remember you and what you spoke about last time you visited, and make fantastic coffee!



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