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See the World in a New Light
Special Feature, Storytelling Fund

See the World in a New Light

To the ONA community,

Since our founding in 2010, ONA has been fortunate to have the support, feedback, and guidance of photographers and storytellers around the world. You push us forward and are part of every step of our design process, from inspiration to prototyping to showcasing the functionality of each final piece.

As a company driven by community, our mission—and our responsibility—is to not just serve our creative community, but also build and strengthen it. Today we are proud to launch our new campaign—See the World in a New Light—to showcase exciting new voices and empower and equip more people to tell their story. Here’s how we plan to support those goals:

The Storytelling Fund

This year, we will contribute $10 from every bag sold through to our new Storytelling Fund, which will support the work and development of emerging photographers and creatives. The Fund will make individual grants through partners like 100 Cameras and Women Photograph, who recently announced our first three $2500 grants to be awarded this summer to emerging female documentary photographers. The fund will also support a select number of projects voted-on by the ONA community.


We are also working with a range of partners—such as Leica Camera, Lomography, and Blink—to create new ways to support the growth and development of the photography community. And with our April 8th workshop at Treehouse in Honolulu, we’ve begun a series of free community events with local camera stores and creative spaces.

Last, we are taking new approaches to the core challenge we set out to address in 2010: developing durable, timeless camera bags that fit seamlessly with your daily life. We believe in the direct connection between authentic storytelling and the freedom to carry your camera everyday, everywhere. We look forward to continuing that mission this year.

Thank you for being a part of our community.

- The ONA Team

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