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#TellStories InstaMeet
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#TellStories InstaMeet

We celebrated the launch of the Sahel Strap, a collaboration that directly supports charity: water operations, with an Instameet in Brooklyn on Sunday. Hosted by the super-talented and uber-friendly Cubby Graham, a group of more than 50 Instagrammers gathered on the East River waterfront to #TellStories. The ONA team is constantly in awe of our community of photographers: it is such a joy and a creative inspiration to connect offline!

#TellStories ONA x charity: water Instameet

Thank you so much to everyone who came out and shared their stories: our only regret is that we didn't get a group shot of  everyone! We love the beautiful images you captured, but mostly we're so grateful that we had the opportunity to meet you and enjoy a beautiful Sunday afternoon--and a beer and a cupcake--with you. Congratulations to Chris Tackett and Eddie Pearson for winning a Sahel Strap with their compelling stories, shared below.

#TellStories ONA x charity: water Instameet

Photo by @christackettThe skylines of Manhattan and Brooklyn are dotted with water tanks like this one in Williamsburg, BK. They add architectural interest and make for some interesting photos, but did you know many of these water towers are still functioning and not just leftover relics of the past? It's true! Without tanks, buildings taller than six stories have trouble providing enough water pressure throughout the building, so wooden or steel tanks store water on the roof and refill via pumps as the tenants use the water. During the @CharityWaterwalk yesterday, I couldn't help but notice the towers around Williamsburg and be reminded how easy it is for us to take for granted our access to clean, safe water. According to Charity: Water, 800 million people don't have access to clean drinking water. And even for those of us that do, our water sources face constant threat from drought, livestock production, energy projects and industrial pollution. Water is precious, so remember to use only what you need, support companies that conserve natural resources and give to organizations like Charity: Water that aim to prevent sickness, reduce suffering and improve quality of life for people around the world, one clean water well at a time. #TellStories

#TellStories ONA x charity: water Instameet

Photo by @eddiepearsonThere are times in peoples lives when they might say "I wonder what would've happened if....". I'm really glad I didn't have to say that about yesterday. I've never in my life thought that I would finally know why the word "community" on Instagram was always mentioned. Now I do. I met thee most eclectic, positive group of individual's yesterday. People that were so kind to share their stories with me. I've always had a love for hearing about someone's humble beginnings. I now have found another calling. All because 40+ random people decided to group up on the N 5th pier in BK. Thanks guys #tellstories

We've shared a few images from the meet below, but please follow the #TellStories hashtag on Instagram to see more, and keep tagging your photos with #TellStories!

#TellStories ONA x charity: water Instameet

Photo of ONA founder Tracy Foster by @jorgeq.

#TellStories ONA x charity: water Instameet

@cestchristine from ONA, @cubbygraham from charity: water and @mckenziebarney from Moment Lenses!

#TellStories ONA x charity: water InstameetPhoto by @eye_akwinta.

#TellStories ONA x charity: water InstameetPhoto by @michaelc32123.

#TellStories ONA x charity: water InstameetPhoto by @kirstenalana.

#TellStories ONA x charity: water InstameetPhoto by @tanya_alexis.

#TellStories ONA x charity: water InstameetPhoto by @angelamiuzc.

#TellStories ONA x charity: water Instameet Photo by @jessicasherrets.

#TellStories ONA x charity: water Instameet Photo by @stefankarlstrom.

#TellStories ONA x charity: water Instameet

Thanks so much to everyone who attended! We already can't wait to plan our next NYC Instameet.

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