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What's in Cubby Graham's Backpack

Cubby Graham is a superhero around these parts. By day, he helps bring clean water to the developing world as the Social Media Strategist at charity: water, where he co-designed our Sahel camera strap collaboration. By "night," he delights and inspires people across the globe through the playful, optimistic minimalism of his photography. He doesn’t just believe that stories have the power to change the world; he walks that mantra out on a daily basis.

We caught up with Cubby recently—fresh off a trip to Disneyland—and asked him to give us a peak at what he was carrying in his Clifton backpack these days. Here's what he sent us, with full equipment list below.

What's in Cubby Graham's backpack 
What's in Cubby Graham's backpack 
What's in Cubby Graham's backpack
What's in Cubby Graham's backpack

What Cubby packs in his Clifton:

What's in Cubby Graham's backpack



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