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What's in Daniel C. White's Camps Bay Backpack
in my ona

What's in Daniel C. White's Camps Bay Backpack

At ONA, we are fortunate enough to have a global community of creatives and photographers who share what they each individually carry in their bags through #inmyONA on Instagram.  Photographer and traveler Daniel C. White is a proud owner of three ONAs - the Bond Street, the Brixton and the Camps Bay. Below, he shares how he first came across ONA, what he carries in his Camps Bay backpack and some of his recent work.

I shoot commercial work and document humanitarian stories in over 40 countries, so I'm always looking for a more comfortable and efficient way to travel with my gear. My dear friend Esther Havens referred me to ONA when I was searching for a safe, reliable and good-looking bag - she pointed out that they don’t look like typical camera bags. My Camps Bay Backpack is great because it doesn’t attract attention when traveling through customs or when I am just walking down the street - I love it! It not only conveniently fits a ton of gear, but it has also stood the test of time, as well as very rough travel and weather conditions. I’d recommend this bag for any photographer that is on-the-go and carries a large amount of gear with them. See below for what I carry in my ONA.

What's in Daniel C. White's Camps Bay Backpack:



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