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What's in Elizabeth McConeghey's Big Sur Backpack and Prince Street Messenger
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What's in Elizabeth McConeghey's Big Sur Backpack and Prince Street Messenger

When we released the versatile, high-capacity Big Sur backpack late last year, we looked forward to seeing how the ONA community would fit it to their personal style, gear, and creative path. After we noticed Elizabeth McConeghey taking her Big Sur from canyons to weddings on Instagram, we asked her to share what she carried, and why:

I’m a Northern Virginia/DC Metro wedding and elopement photographer who is always looking for the next adventure and peak to climb. I got into photography when traveling on mission trips to Haiti and Indonesia; I loved capturing the different people I encountered. When I got married in 2015, I realized how passionate I was for helping couples get the perfect memories captured for their wedding day.

Last year, I was on the hunt for gear that would hang with me on my adventures and still look super professional when I showed up to a wedding - not to mention hold all of my gear comfortably. I was prepping for a trip to Italy and needed a shoulder bag that would carry my film and digital camera through all of my Tuscan adventures. The Prince Street messenger went above and beyond. That hooked me on ONA - they’re professional, attractive, and functional.

In prep for wedding season, I needed something a little bigger to get me through a twelve hour day. That’s when I turned to the Big Sur - it fits absolutely everything I need, and it looks awesome. It’s been durable through my adventures in Zion National Park, and has been stylish at every wedding I’ve been to. I’d recommend the Big Sur backpack for any photographer in need of an incredible, functional and diverse bag. I can’t imagine showing up to a wedding without it.

What’s in Elizabeth's Big Sur backpack and Prince Street messenger:

-Canon 7d Mark ii

-Canon 6d

-Canon 85mm f1.4

-Sigma 35mm f1.4 ART

-Canon 24-70mm f2.8

-Canon 70-200mm f2.8 II

-Canon 100mm f2.8L macro

-Macbook Air For Travel

-Holdfast Moneymaker Camera Strap

-Lacie 5TB rugged Thunderbolt

-Sony portable speaker

-Froufrou Chic Ribbons for Styling

-A headlamp for those unplanned moments

-Chapstick always, because chapped lips are the worst



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