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What's in Jenny Chokbengboun's Backpack
in my ona

What's in Jenny Chokbengboun's Backpack

This year, we're sharing more about what our community of creatives is carrying, based on what’s tagged with #inmyONA on Instagram. Today, Portland-based photographer, Jenny Chokbengboun shares the story of how she became a photographer and what she carries in her Nylon Camps Bay backpack:

I’m a full-time lifestyle photographer, specializing in weddings. I was working as a dental assistant for 10 years and one day I decided I just needed to live life more adventurously, needed a little more spice! So I quit my day job to pursue my passion for photography. I’ve been working for myself since August 2016 - leaving my day job to pursue my career as a photographer was the best choice I’ve ever made. My goal is to be a destination wedding photographer. I love traveling to new places and connecting with people while doing what I love.

I was in the market for a new camera backpack for awhile, but I didn't want anything that screamed "I'm a photographer!" After searching online, I finally came across the Camps Bay. It was the perfect bag - water resistant, black and stylish. I can fit so much gear in it and somehow it still manages to feel light. It accompanied me on my recent trip to Asia and joins me on all of my day trips as well. 

What's in my ONA:

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