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What’s in Neph Trejo’s Clarendon
in my ona

What’s in Neph Trejo’s Clarendon

Between product and lifestyle photo shoots, we have plenty of chances to experiment with how much gear can fit in each ONA and how to style each bag. But we’re always inspired and impressed by how real-life ONA owners manage to make the bags work for them (keep sharing your photos with us on social media!), so we decided to highlight how some of our favorite photographers make their bag work for them.

ONA Bags x Neph Trejo x ClarendonNeph Trejo, an Art Director and photographer residing in Los Angeles by way of Mexico, describes himself as "a pretty chill, down-to-earth dude that loves Jesus." He hearts Los Angeles, the city where he met his beautiful wife, and enjoys the thrill of collaborating with others who inspire him. When you check out Neph's impressive Instagram feed, you might wonder why all of the images are in black and white: Like so many great photographers, Neph's love of the art began in the darkroom. "Film photography began my venture into photography. I took some Black & White Film photography classes in Jr. College and from that moment on I was addicted... so in a small way, takes me back to my photographic roots, you might say."

ONA Bags x Neph Trejo x ClarendonWhat’s in Neph's Clarendon:

  • Apple EarPods with Remote & Mic
  • Romoss Battery Pack Changing Cable
  • Anycase 2.0 Tripod Mount
  • Gorillapod Original
  • LENSPEN Micropro
  • LENSPEN Filter Klear
  • Moment 80mm Lens
  • Moment 16mm Lens
  • 2 Lens Cloths

ONA Bags x Neph Trejo x Clarendon ONA Bags x Neph Trejo x Clarendon ONA Bags x Neph Trejo x Clarendon ONA Bags x Neph Trejo x ClarendonCONNECT WITH NEPH


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