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What's in Sarah Gerrity's Roma
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What's in Sarah Gerrity's Roma

Between product and lifestyle photo shoots, we have plenty of chances to experiment with how much gear can fit in each ONA and how to style each bag. But we’re always inspired and impressed by how real-life ONA owners manage to make the bags work for them (keep sharing your photos with us on social media!), so we decided to highlight how some of our favorite photographers make their bag work for them.

Sarah Gerrity x The Roma x ONA BagsAfter a couple of years of self-taught, hobby photography (and a career switch from international relations to design & multimedia), Sarah Gerrity started taking up more creative projects. Sweetsonian, her food and photography blog, is one of our favorite ways to indulge our sweet tooth: her photos are simply mouth-watering! Based in Washington DC, Sarah is the multimedia editor for by day, but by night, she's a freelancer. Her client lists varies from giants like Google, to DC-based restaurants like Cava Grill (think Chipotle, but Greek), to "maker" friends that started their own businesses with handmade goods. All in all, she likes making beautiful things--and we love looking at them!

Sarah Gerrity x The Roma x ONA Bags

Outside of work, Sarah enjoys traveling and just spent a few days in Glacier National Park, where she managed to catch the Northern Lights! In her own words: "The Roma was the perfect addition to my carry-on bag, which also held a tripod, 13-inch macbook air, and my knitting project du jour. I was able to fit an impressive amount of my gear into the Roma! Just enough for my travels."

Sarah Gerrity x The Roma x ONA Bags

What's in Sarah's Roma:

  • Nikon D600 camera body
  • Nikon 24-70mm/f2.8 lens with a polarizing filter
  • Nikon 14mm/f2.8 lens
  • DSLR remote
  • Microfiber cloth
  • Cleaning solution
  • iPhone 5S
  • Extra battery

Sarah Gerrity x The Roma x ONA Bags Sarah Gerrity x The Roma x ONA Bags Sarah Gerrity x The Roma x ONA Bags Sarah Gerrity x The Roma x ONA Bags Sarah Gerrity x The Roma x ONA BagsCONNECT WITH SARAH


 Note: photos of Sarah were kindly taken by Matty Greene.

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