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Where ONA Goes: Cross-Country on Passport Express with Mat Rick
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Where ONA Goes: Cross-Country on Passport Express with Mat Rick

Mat Rick is a photographer and director based in New York City. As a child, Mat traveled around the world with his archaeologist parents who decided to put a camera in his hands to keep him busy -- he instantly fell in love and has been developing his passion for photography ever since. These days, Mat works in both editorial and commercial lifestyle photography locally and around the world. (He's also featured along with #SudoCorg in one of our favorite #ONAPets photos!).

Recently, Mat was selected to participate in the trip of a lifetime: The Passport Express, a two-week journey traveling the United States by Amtrak from the east cost, cross country to the west. Hosted by our friend Zach Glassman from Passion Passport, the trip was also attended by a host of other photographers and creatives, including several friends of ONA previously featured on the blog -- Pei Ketron, Chris Amat, Adrienne Pitts, and Garrett Cornelison.

The Passport Express departed from Washington, DC and made its way to Chicago and Minneapolis before heading towards Glacier National Park, Whitefish, Montana and Portland and finally concluding in San Francisco -- all along the way, Mat was accompanied by our new Hamilton rolling camera bag and duffle, designed precisely for photographers on the road.

Mat Rick carries the Hamilton rolling camera bag and duffle and the Camps Bay backpack in smoke.


Mat Rick: After departing DC on Amtrak  and arriving in Chicago we experienced a city full of incomparable architecture and beautiful art museums.

Minneapolis–St. Paul

In Minneapolis and St. Paul, we discovered a slower pace of life along the Mississippi River, rich with history and friendly folks.

Whitefish, Montana and Glacier National Park

In Whitefish, Montana, we discovered the wilderness, beheld the majestic glaciers, and stood humbled before giant mountain passes.

Portland and Mount Hood

In Portland, we saw a city where the wilderness met the urban, and makers of all kind come to try their hand at new enterprises.

San Francisco

Finally, we made our way to the city by the bay, San Francisco, where we ate our full of burritos, took well deserved naps in the sun, and toasted the sunset on a boat under the Golden Gate Bridge.



Photos of Mat kindly taken by Phil Martin.

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