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Where ONA Goes: England and France with Michelle and Kelly
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Where ONA Goes: England and France with Michelle and Kelly

We first got to know this stylish couple when we found out that Michelle bought Kelly a Bowery bag for his Christmas gift, and Kelly purchased a Brooklyn satchel for Michelle -- a true ONA family. Michelle is an actress-turned-photographer (you may know her as Evelyn from the Nickelodeon show Ned’s Declassified) who began shooting weddings in college. Kelly, the founder of Dlux Entertainment, has been DJing and emceeing for 15 years, and picked up photography when he married Michelle in 2012.

As it so happens, these two are also good friends with Daniel Han, whose name may be a familiar one, since we got to peek into his Bowery, Berlin, and Brixton bags in March. The friends traveled together in Europe for three weeks earlier this year, and today we get to see a small glimpse of their itinerary, from Leeds Castle in Kent, England to the Arc de Triomphe in  Paris, France.

Michelle carries the Brooklyn satchel in chestnut.

Kelly carries the Bowery in dark truffle.







(Photos of Michelle and Kelly kindly taken by Richelle Hunter and Daniel Han.)

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