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Where ONA Goes: Hawaii with Anne Blodgett
where ona goes, The Brixton

Where ONA Goes: Hawaii with Anne Blodgett

Anne Blodgett is a fine art film and digital photographer located in the heart of the Pacific Northwest – southern Oregon, to be precise. We first discovered her beautiful work on Instagram, and after we learned that she was heading to Hawaii (Brixton bag in tow), we knew we had to follow along!

Taken all across Hawaii's Big Island from Papakolea Beach to Waikoloa, the photos from Anne's Contax 645 (along with a few digital ones) took our breath away.  Don't believe us? See for yourself!

Anne carries the Brixton messenger bag in smoke.

This was Anne's Brixton's "maiden voyage," and it managed to survive several plane rides, a wedding, two portrait shoots as well as a 7-mile hike in 85 degree weather. In her words: "It has my approval for sure!"



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