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Where ONA Goes: Joshua Tree National Park With David Guenther
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Where ONA Goes: Joshua Tree National Park With David Guenther

David Guenther explained to us after he returned from his trip to Joshua Tree National Park, "Hanging out with good friends, and some of the best photographers I know, is cool enough. Hanging out with them in one of the most unreal locations in the world is unbeatable."

A longtime Union Street owner and a more recent Camps Bay convert, David was most recently profiled on our blog almost exactly a year ago, in a "Where ONA Goes" feature in Oahu. When we heard that David would be embarking on some new travels in Southern California, we knew we had to ask him for a follow-up "Where ONA Goes." These photos from the surreal Joshua Tree landscape sure didn't disappoint!

David Guenther carries the Camps Bay backpack in smoke.

David Guenther: I met up with some old friends in Southern California to spend a week relaxing and shooting. We took a day trip to Joshua Tree, and the place never fails to inspire me. Even after being there, the landscape is still hard for me to believe. The rocks and cliffs make for super interesting compositions and lighting. And the evening light, when the sun starts to set, is magic. I just wish I lived closer.

The Camps Bay Backpack is ideal for me. I don't want to look like a photographer when I'm traveling. I want something with style, something that I'd choose to wear even if I didn't need to carry around gear. The quality is fantastic. It feels and looks high end. It fits my gear, 15" MacBook Pro, and extras. So it's basically become my mobile office, making my life just a bit easier.



Note: Photos of David were kindly taken by fellow ONA Community member Benj Haisch.

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