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Where ONA Goes: London with Adrienne Pitts
where ona goes, The Capri

Where ONA Goes: London with Adrienne Pitts

Originally hailing from sunny New Zealand, travel and lifestyle photographer Adrienne Pitts has made London her home for the past 8 years. Adrienne's name be a familiar one, as she was the photographer behind the photos in Dan Rubin's "What's in the ONA" profile and is also one of the friends featured on our new Community page. This week, she takes us on a tour of her adopted city, as she runs around visiting (and shooting) some of her favorite places.

ONA x Adrienne Pitts x Capri

Adrienne carries the Leather Capri in Antique Cognac.

ONA x Adrienne Pitts x LondonONA x Adrienne Pitts x LondonONA: What does a typical day in London look like for you?

As a freelancer, every day is different! But the best days start out at one of my favorite cafes to get a nice caffeine hit. It’s no surprise that as a New Zealander, my favorite places are usually Kiwi cafes. But the coffee scene is so great in London now, and luckily there’s a huge range of places to go and fuel up. I love Allpress Espresso, Ozone Coffee Roasters, Workshop Coffee, The Wren, and Ginger & White -- just to name a few!

ONA x Adrienne Pitts x LondonONA: Where’s your favorite place to visit?

If I had to choose just one favorite place in London, it would be the Tate Modern. A favorite walk for me is getting off the Tube at St. Paul’s, then walking over the Millennium Bridge to the Tate Modern, stopping to soak in the art and then continue wandering along South Bank, ending up in a cozy pub. The Turbine Hall plays host to some of the best artwork in the city, and both the space and the art are something really special. Head up to the Bar & Restaurant on the 6th floor for a great view over the Thames -- better yet, get yourself into the member’s bar!

This city is bursting with great art, so inspiration is easy to find. I love heading to Redchurch Street in Shoreditch, which plays host to an ever-changing group of hugely talented street artists. Go on a Sunday and make a day of it by heading to Allpress Espresso (also on Redchurch Street) and then pop up the road to the Columbia Road Flower Market -- a bustling, crazy, vibrant street full of flowers and music and proper East End geezers -- the people-watching is excellent!

ONA x Adrienne Pitts x LondonONA: What are some of your top tips for people visiting London for the first time?

Always look up! This city constantly blows me away with the history it contains. Being from such a ‘new’ country myself, the architecture and details of the city are really astounding to me. Seeing buildings which were built so long ago, and in so many different styles always inspires me. A shortlist of favorites would be: King's Cross St. Pancras, Royal Courts of Justice, Saint Paul’s Cathedral, and the British Museum -- just to name a few!

My second tip is to get up high above the city, and then look down on it. It’s an excellent way of getting the lay of the land, and reminds you just how big it really is! Excellent views abound all over the place, but some favourites of mine are the views from: The London Eye, The Shard, The Duck & Waffle, and the Paramount Bar.

ONA x Adrienne Pitts x London

ONA x Adrienne Pitts x LondonONA: Any final words or advice for people who might be visiting London?

Walk! Taking the time to walk around London and discover all its little nooks and crannies is a hugely rewarding thing. If you don’t have time to spend days wandering the streets, then do one of those hop-on-hop-off bus tours. Yes, they can be touristy, but it’s a great way of checking a bunch of sights off the to-do list, and that way you have more time to go back and explore the areas that really interest you -- you never know what you might find around the corner.

Note: Photos of Adrienne Pitts were kindly taken by Leila Peterson.



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