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Where ONA Goes: Nicaragua with Tyler Nevitt
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Where ONA Goes: Nicaragua with Tyler Nevitt

We first ran across Tyler Nevitt and his work a few months ago on Instagram, shortly before he left New York City for a trip to Nicaragua. As we scrolled through his feed, we were immediately captivated by his photographs, many of which are taken on film, his favorite photographic medium. Originally from Phoenix, AZ, Tyler is a film photographer whose work focused primarily on art and fashion. He has traveled throughout Europe and spent time in Iceland working on personal projects, but has called New York home for the past 4 years. Having had the opportunity to work with established fashion and art photographers previously, Tyler is now trying to make his own imprint on the world.

An avid traveler even today, Tyler visited Nicaragua earlier this year with his Bowery bag, where he captured beautiful photos in Granada, Managua, as well as the Masaya Volcano, which is still active today. All photos were taken with his Contax G2 (one of our favorites!) and Holga 135 film cameras.



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