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Where ONA Goes: The Faroe Islands with Rachel Gulotta
The Bowery, The Presidio

Where ONA Goes: The Faroe Islands with Rachel Gulotta

We've been longtime friends of the good folks at Passion Passport, and have featured quite a few adventurers who have gone on Passion Passport trips on this blog, including Mat Rick (Passport Express) and Jeff McAllister (The Bucket List Initiative).

The most recent Bucket List Initiative, a Passion Passport travel grant given out based on community voting, featured LA-based wedding and lifestyle photographer Rachel Gulotta, who recently traveled to the Faroe Islands.

Rachel Gulotta carries the Bowery in antique cognac and the Leather Presidio in antique cognac.

The Faroe Islands are a remote group of seemingly untouched islands covered in rolling fog and perfect light. While traveling, Rachel's trusty Canon 5D Mark III and Leica M6 were by her side documenting her adventures, from Kvivik to Gásadalur to Vestmanna Bird Cliffs.

Rachel explains, "It was really hard to decide on the bodies / glass / bags I brought with me. I was limited in the luggage I was allowed to bring on the short flight from Iceland to the Faroes, so I had to leave the nonessentials at home. I settled on my Canon 5D Mark III (35mm f/1.4 + 45mm 2.8 TS-E) for digital, the Leica M6 for film, and a DJI Phantom 3 for drone shots. The Bowery made a great vessel for both camera bodies, so that was a no-brainer. The drone and extra lenses fit into a separate backpack."



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